Sunday, February 26, 2006

Top 10 ways to maximize your Adsense earnings

Author: Donald Richardson
I sometimes will come across sites that just make me cringe the
way they are using Adsense on their pages and wish I could reach
out and help them. Here are my Top 10 ways
to maximize your Adsense earnings

1. Use text ads only. It has been shown that text ads are more
effective than image ads. Personally, I don't use any ad-blocker
browser plugins, but in my mind, I automatically block out
anything that looks like an ad. That's the beauty of text ads,
they blend so nicely with your content, your reader may really
think it is another of your links.

2. Blend your ads. Take the time to use the color palate in
Adsense to blend your ads with your current site style. Your
users will thank you for this and so will your wallet. Take the
time to make the ad link colors the same as your page's.

3. Display only one ad block per page. Remember, without traffic
there is no revenue. Your visitors are there for your content,
not your ads. If you are running a blog, try to space out your
ads between articles.

4. Remove unnecessary links from your page. Remember your
visitors are there for your content, and you want them for their
ad clicks. Any link to an external site is a potentially wasted
ad click. Try to remove superfluous links and focus your
visitors attention firstly to your content, and secondly on your

5. Use channels to track your progress. Actively use Adsense's
channel feature to track different campaigns you may be running.
Experiment and compare your results over time.

6. Put at least one ad block above the fold. "Above the fold" is
the first portion of the website which is visible to the user,
without needing to scroll.

7. Use section targeting. If your pages are very long and
contain various different topics, Adsense sometimes has time
determining which would be the correct ad to place on your page.
Remember, we always want our visitors to see the most relevant
ad to what they are currently reading. Use section targeting to
divide the different topics on your page. As an example, section
targeting could be used to partition off different blog articles
on a home page.

8. Use Google's Heat Map. Read through Google's article on their
heat map and try to follow by example. They know their own stuff
best. try these advices

9. Use high paying keywords. If possible, use high paying
in your site. If there happens to be one portion of
your site which is focused on a high paying keyword, refer to
tip #7 and apply section targeting around that area.

10. Increase your traffic. Adsense is a numbers game. Simply
put, more traffic equals more money. Refer to my traffic
generation pages for tips on this

Top 10
ways to maximize your Adsense earnings

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Top 10 ways to maximize your Adsense earnings
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