Saturday, March 11, 2006

AdSense Paying You Jack? I Make $11,269 Per Month, Here's How..

Author: Michael Cheney
First off - let's just get this straight, I have only been using
AdSense for around 8 months. I've learned very quickly that
there are certain things you need to get right to start earning
the big bucks with AdSense.

But this wasn't always the case for me - when I first started I
was earning around $2 a day, that was it! But before long I kept
tweaking, testing, learning and observing others and I soon
started to climb the AdSense earnings ladder very quickly.

My monthly earnings from Google AdSense now exceed $11,000. I am
in the so-called 'UPS' club - which got its name for those
publishers that earn such big checks from Google they get sent
their pay via UPS special delivery. As it happens I actually get
paid direct into my bank account which is really cool as I know
that at the end of every month I'm getting a whopping amount of
cash direct from Google Towers.

So How Do I Do It?

Well, it really comes down to focusing on the basics. Once
you've got these things mastered you will be well on your way.
The first thing is the right ad format. Think about it - you can
have loads of traffic to loads of pages on your website but if
nobody likes the look of your ads then you can forget it. So you
need to experiment with what ad format works best for your

Getting formats and colour schemes that blend in with your
website work best. I talk more about this in the free AdSense
video I've recorded which you can view at

Oodles of Sexy Content

The second thing you need, once you've learned what the best ad
format is - is to get loads of great content on your website.
Content is king as everyone keeps saying right? Well it's true.
The more content you can have on your website the greater your
chances of attracting potential buyers and AdSense clickers.
When you're looking for content don't always assume you have to
write it yourself - there are plenty of other great sources of
content and some nifty off-the-shelf packages you can get hold
of where all the articles are already written for you.

The Best Keywords and AdSense Key Phrases

The third thing you need to take care is key phrases. There's no
point in optimizing your website for crappy keywords that only
get you a few cents per AdSense click when you could be making
dollars per click instead.

It really annoys me that people think the idea of dollars for
one click is a myth - it's totally not. That's part of the
reason I'm making thousands from AdSense every week. I am
getting paid top dollar for some of the most highly bidded for
phrases around. So what you need is to do your research and get
your hands on those phrases that pay the most dollars per click.

Pulling It All Together

So that's it really - choosing the right ad format, getting
great content and combining it with killer high paying keywords.
If you want to learn the details of all this you can watch my
free video at

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