Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to Start Making a REAL Living with your Blog

Author: Gregg Hall
There are many bloggers who make incomes of several thousand
dollars per month from their blogs. These are not casual
bloggers who only want to see their words and their name online
or who just want to put forth a point-of-view, these are serious
bloggers who have made blogging into a full-time (or nearly
full-time) job.

Here are some of the ways they make money from their blogs and
ways you can also blog for bucks:

Advertising! There are many advertisers waiting for you to
approach them, these are programs such as Google's Adsense where
you allow companies to place their ads . . . ads related to your
topic . . . on your blog. Each time one of your readers clicks
on an ad on your blog, you earn a small amount of money (a
predetermined amount). A slightly different approach is used by
companies such as CrispADS. With this type of service, you tell
them how much you want to charge for advertising space on your
blog and they will attempt to find an advertiser who will pay
that price (plus a commission for the go-between company). These
are just two of a large group that is expanding daily.

Blog Feeds! RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and ATOM Feeds are
two of the dominant blog feeds. The object of a blog feed is to
distribute every new post you add to your blog to a list of
subscribers; you make your blog posts available to RSS or ATOM,
people who want to read your stuff on a regular basis can
subscribe to your posts and read them on a newsreader. The
latest trend is to include advertising to these blog feeds and,
as before, if your subscriber clicks on an ad that is included
with your feed, you get some money. There are no BIG bucks here
yet but its a rapidly growing field.

Affiliate Programs! Online companies have been offering
affiliate programs to bloggers for years, some of the big ones
are Amazon, Linkshare and Clickbank. They work by providing you
a unique URL that you add to your blog. Any readers that click
through to the company and buy something are providing you with
a commission. Another version of the affiliate program is the
"mini-mall" concept offered by companies such as Chitika
eMiniMalls. The mini-mall works (like the affiliate program),
through a link on your blog that takes your reader to a page
with a variety of merchandise -- all sales earn you a commission.

Sponsors! Large corporations are very aware of the blogosphere
and of the growing number of people who read blogs and, in
response, they are using blogs to advance their business
interests -- blogs may never replace the Michael Jordan-type
superstars for corporations but blogs are already gaining many
fairly lucrative corporate sponsorships. If you have a blog that
is dedicated to a particular topic, e.g., digital cameras, that
is published on a regular basis, that has a good readership and
is recognized as an authoritative source for digital camera
information, your blog may draw the interest of a corporate
sponsor and you may be approached to run their advertisements
for new products on a long-term basis. If and when you reach
that point you know you've made it to the big time, professional
blogger's league.

Your Product! The methods mentioned above are just a few of the
very many ways you can start making money from your blog . . .
but there is a catch!

As you probably noticed every scheme mentioned and every other
money-making blogging scheme you'll find requires a great blog .
. . a blog that draws hundreds of readers (as a minimum) on a
regular basis. To reach this stage of readership you need a blog
that offers the reader some type of unique, quality content.

If blogging is to be a money making business for you, you'll
need to treat it like a business by dedicating your time, energy
and creativity to its success. Also, like any successful
business, you need a product or service that is a 'customer
magnet.' Your "product" is your content: it could be news or
information or entertainment but whatever it is, it must be
unique and interesting.

About the author:
Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online
and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. See more
articles on blogging and internet
at http://www.theinternetmarketingsecrets.com
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