Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mastering Google Adwords from your First Hour and beyond.

Author: Baruch Grobler

Yes you can pay less than the rest and be seen by more people!


When promoting a competitive product, "pay per click" (PPC)
advertising has become almost essential. Most affiliates stand
to profit using the right keywords during their PPC campaign.
Although PPC traffic is not cost-effective for any an all niches
or businesses, it is surely worth giving it a try.

To be successful with PPC is definitely more than just putting
up an ad and getting high volumes of traffic to your site. Very
important factors are the words of your ad, your landing page
and the amount you end up paying.

This article will focus on how to pay less than your competition
and how to outrank them at the same time.

Google has a unique system of ranking their ads. Now it's
possible to be on the top even if you're paying the least per

If you don't know yet, let me tell you how: You have to make
sure that your ad has the highest "click-through rate". Yes,
it's as simple as that.

Now to increase your ad rankings and decrease your "per-click"
costs, you have to do two things.

A. Start with a big bang - At the launch of your campaign you
should spend more than your competition. B. Regularly evaluate
your ads to increase your "click-through rate".

============ (A) - Start with a big bang! ============

One of the worst mistakes you can make at the onset of a PPC
campaign is to start cheap. The reverse is actually true. You
should be committed to spend more than your competition in the

That's right, start with a big bang. It is of the essence to
spend the most on PER CLICK in the beginning. Let me tell you

When you do this, Google is forced to put you on top. This gives
you the best exposure on Google's front page. Your "click
through rate" should be very good in no time.

Once your click-through record looks good you can start
decreasing your "cost per click" without losing your rank.

In case you had started with a low "cost per click", your ad
will show far down on the page. This hinders much exposure and
it could take months to build up a significant "click-trough

Your time is valuable and you should not waste it unnecessary.
It is critical to forecast whether your campaign will be
successful. Now you can quickly assess if you need to put the
brakes on and get back to the drawing board.

============ (B) - Keep on testing! ============

The next method to get to the top and pay the least is to always
test your new ads.

Google allows you to run two ads at the same time for the same
keywords. They will automatically rotate your ads, one after the
other. You need to frequently tweak the ad with the lower
"click-through rate".

Change the headlines, body or domain name area until you have an
optimal response. You can get a lot of ideas from you
competition, but don't copy their phrases.

You will notice that once more your "click-through rates" will
increase. Now you can decrease your "cost per click" and still
have that top position.

To sum it up: Doing these two things you will become the king of
Adwords, even if you're in a niche with enormous competition.

A last word of advice: Keep monitoring your Adwords spending,
your daily limit should be limited to an amount you can afford
losing. With Google in a short period you can gain a lot or lose
a lot.

Stay focused and be rewarded!

About the author:
Baruch Grobler is a web entrepreneur specializing in affiliate
opportunities. He recently teamed up with the very talented Anik
Singal from AffiliateClassroom. Anik is giving step by step
coaching to over 2000 students until they make their first
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