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Make Money With Your Website The Honest Way: Six Steps to

Author: Will Kalif

You browse the web looking for real advice on how to make money
with a website but you always run into these websites that sound
great yet deliver nothing. They pitch you a big hype and then
you get to the bottom of the page to find out you can learn it
all by buying their "Fantastic Amazing e-book that tells you all
the secrets of how to get rich on the internet". Here is the
real scoop - Real advice on how to do it the honest way from an
average guy who is doing it. (No e-book for sale here)

I have been making websites and selling products from
and other affiliate programs for several years now. I have made
all the mistakes and I have made some money. Here is some honest
advice and the steps you need to take to make your site a
revenue generating site. You probably won't get rich but you can
make some nice income. As with anything else this process is
defined by how much work you want to put into your website. I
have outlined here the things you need to do and the things you
need to think about in order to make a successful small business
on the internet with just spending the money for a hosting
service. In truth you don't even really need a hosting service.
You can do it with just a blog that can be had for free.

If you truly want to make some money with a website then you
have to read this complete tutorial. One of the key factors in
whether or not you will succeed is whether or not you have the
drive to work at it. There is a lot of useful information here
-use it!

Overview of the concept - How to do it

The whole concept behind this process is that you have to offer
people browsing to your site something of value. There is no
point in you making a website with a bunch of links to the
amazon website. Why should people go to your site when they can
go directly to the Amazon site? You have to make a website that
has lots of information about a subject -information that people
will want to read. Along with this information you can sell them
books and other products from Amazon and other affiliate
programs. These programs cost you nothing yet pay you 4% of the
selling price or more.

Step 1: Choose a subject that you are passionate about, or at
least really enjoy

This is a critical first step in the process. You have to choose
a subject that you really like. This ensures that you will keep
at your new website. You will have the drive to keep learning
about the subject and you will pass this information on to your
readers. I guarantee you that if you are passionate about your
subject there are plenty of other people out there that are
passionate about it too. And they will devour any information
about the subject that you put on your website. You will gain
the reputation as an expert. They will listen to what you have
to say and they will buy items through your website.

Step 2: Fill your site with interesting information about
your subject

This is critical. You have to have lots of good content on your
site. This is the reason they are coming and the reason why they
will check back regularly. Update your site regularly with new
information. Every day would be best but once a week would be
sufficient. Here are some ideas for content: -Write articles
about your subject -Write critiques of books, movies or products
-Research good information on the web and offer links to your
visitors -Give how-to tutorials - This one is a real draw
-People want to know how to do things. It's one of the biggest
reasons why people use the search engines. -Get feedback from
your visitors so you can understand what they are looking for
-Offer them lots of free stuff, wallpaper, pics, essays, links,
booklets, ebooks and more

Step 3: Monetize your site

Sign up for several of the free affiliate programs including
google adsense, amazon, allposters, video universe and Barnes &
Noble and place targeted advertisements on your site. It is very
important that you place very targeted ads on your site. People
are coming to your site for very specific information about your
subject. Do not spam them with unwanted advertisements. Let me
give you an example. Let's say you have a tutorial that shows
someone how to build a diorama. They came to your site and
visitied your tutorial so they could learn how to build a
diorama right? They will appreciate you offering them several
books that show how to build a diorama or materials and tools
for diorama building. You are giving your visitor exactly what
he is looking for.

Step 4: Market your site

This step is critical and it is a step that many people don't
take. You have to get your website in the public eye. Once your
site is up and running you should spend half your time creating
new content for your site and half your time marketing your
site. Don't be bashful about this. You have created a site that
is about a subject you are passionate with a lot of great
content. It doesn't matter if the site doesn't look state of the
art. If it has great content people will appreciate it. Here are
some tips on how to market your site: -Register with search
engines -Write articles about your subject and submit them to
article directories -Write a blog about your subject -Visit
forums that focus on your subject and write posts. Thiis gives
you expert status with the forum members -Exchange links with
other websites that have the same or similar subject

Step 5: Understand the Search Engines and Keywords

This step is very important. People use search engines in very
particular ways. They input search terms and the search engine
looks for websites that match these search terms. You have to
research the search terms that apply to your subject and make
sure that your webpages accurately reflect these keywords. This
process of optimizing your website is called "Search Engine

Step 6: Continue the process of filling your website with
interesting and informative content.

This is a never ending process. Your site will never be
complete and it will never be too large.

Final Notes

Never focus on how to make money with your website. That's the
backward approach. Always focus on what you can offer your web
visitor. If you have nothing to offer them why should they visit
you? Always think about what they want and what they would find
interesting. The money will generate from this. Your website is
about something that you are passionate about. Be patient with
it. This process is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time
for the search engines and people to find your website and the
great information you have there. It could take weeks before you
get your first hits and it could take months before you start to
see significant traffic. Just keep at it! Early on in this
tutorial I advised that you had to have patience and you had to
be persistent so I said you should read this whole article. You
have done that! Congratulations! Have the confidence to know
that you have what it takes to make a successful money earning

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