Thursday, April 13, 2006

How NOT to make money with Google Adsense

Author: Simon Ecclestone

If you're like me and have been scouring the internet for a sure
fire way of making some extra income from your content rich
website then you have no doubt come across and have probably
joined the Google Adsense program and placed Google ads on your
website, and have also had the frustration of not getting enough
visitors to your site and again have been scouring the internet
for information on combining Google Adsense and Google Adwords
to get targeted visitors to your site.

You no doubt like me have come across the so called "Get Rich
Quick With Google Adsense" e-books, which offer a sure fire
system to use the Google Adwords feature to unlock those Google
Adsense riches on your website and have probably handed over the
$30 to $60 to find out the secret system. Well this article has
been written to expose the myths behind these so called systems
and to warn people that the results will be very disappointing.

Google Adsense Fact

The major problem with these systems is they try to blind you
with a massive list of high paying keywords which Google Adword
bidders supposedly pay for certain keywords and your focus is to
try and concentrate your efforts on including these keywords on
your website page, so the Google Adsense can put these high
paying Google ads on your site, therefore increase your click
through payments.

Fact is Google ads rarely payout over $2 per click for Google
Adsense, I have run sites myself with the supposed top keyword
"yahoo domains" and the most I earned was about 50 cents per
click which seems to be the Google Adsense average.

All this high paying keyword information is not going to make
the so called $50 per click that some of these e-books claim,
the best paying keyword out there at the moment is to do with
"asbestos cancer" and this will only give you between $3 and $5
per click and is such a niche keyword, that not everyone is
interested in reading about the subject or going to click on the
Google ads on your website.

Google Adwords Fact

The Google Adwords part of the systems require you to find a
high paying niche keyword, get over 200 related keywords list,
create a one page website with a single article leeched from one
of the free article sites surrounded by three Google ad blocks,
then effectively write a Google ad with the chosen keywords as
the title (via a special Google tag) and set a campaign budget
of $10 a day with a maximum of 7 cents per click bid.

Fact is setting a bid of 7 cents per click will place your ad
that low on the search engine that you will only get a small
amount of page impressions therefore decreasing the chance of
anyone clicking on your Google ad and registering a possible
visitor, plus most keywords will not successfully activate
Google Ads at such a low bid price.


Though these e-books seem to offer a system, I would have to say
it is not an air-tight sure fire way of making a decent income
from Google Adsense, there are just too many flaws which cannot
be explained away.

My advice would be to stick to building your webpage content
daily with no more than two or three Google Ads on each page, in
12 months all the search engines will have no doubt crawled and
indexed your web pages hopefully bringing in a steady stream of
targeted visitors who will hopefully click your Google Ads and
make you a small fortune. GOOD LUCK!!

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