Monday, April 03, 2006

Google Adsense Strategy - Don't Do This Same Mistake!

Author: Farid Aziz

Google Adsense is a very potential income stream you shouldn't
underestimate. Just make sure you avoid one simple mistake made
by many publishers. One tiny mistake that has enormous impacts
on your revenue...

One vital homework that you and every Adsense publishers must do
is to track what ads bring better results. Yes, this is a
must. If you skip this task and do the lazy wait and see
game, than you will be disappointed, my friend!

And this is the mistake I was talking about. Many people are too
lazy to do this task and the main reason is they think it's such
a difficult homework.

Well, it's not!

There are several third party tools you can use to do so, but
before choosing any, just make sure that you stay within Adsense
guidelines. Of course you do not want to be banned by Google and
have your Adsense account terminated.

I'm not going to talk about those tools now, but what I want to
talk about is one feature from Google that you can take
advantage of.

Google recommends a free feature you can use to track your ads

It's called Channels.

With this free feature, you can track which webpages contribute
most of your Adsense revenue. You can also track your ads
performance based on their types, colours, placements, keywords
and on all the categories you specify.

Do you see how vital using Channels is to boost your

Although many experts have given us some clues of which ad
formats, colours and placements that bring best results, but at
the end they usually tell us to try it out ourselves! Each sites
have different characters and purposes, that's why you have to
discover your own strategies that suit each of your sites.

If you want to see in more details how you should generate your
own Channels to thoroughly track each of your Adsense ads, I
suggest you visit: Utilizing Channels

Mastering this simple trick can significantly boost your Adsense

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