Friday, May 26, 2006

Making Profit On The Internet

Author: Michael Read

There are so many ways to make profit on the Internet that you
would need a complete e-book for it, and not a tiny article as
this one. But lack of space should never deter one from sharing
some good news. Let us see how the Internet can be used to make
some good cash online. One totally fail-proof method to draw
profits from the Net is to use pay-per-click to generate adsense
income. This method is so simple to understand and easy to
operate that absolutely anyone can do it.

In order to get a good and continuous income flow from the
adsense ads, you will need to use a form of traffic arbitrage in
combination of some good but low cost keywords and the bid on
the different pay-per-click search engines like Google. In order
to have the system fail proof you will have to work initially to
plug in any imbalances that may exist. You must take care about
the following:

1. Keywords: You will need to choose exceptionally apt keywords,
which will be high paying. For this you should be tuned in on
what is the right combination and you should be able to attract
the right type of crowd to your website. You will payment for
PPC should be justified vis-à-vis the adsense ad, or you will
not make money. Your keywords should attract sufficient traffic
to attract enough traffic for you to make a neat income.

2. Content: You have to ensure that the ads and the content are
highly relevant to the visitors or you will not attract them to
click on your ad. You should be aware that when you are buying
keywords you are actually purchasing a pass for your traffic.
Hence, unless the content and the ad are complementary, you will
not be able to raise any profit. This is one element that is
taken for granted by most first-timers causing them loses where
they could have made profit.

3. Cheaper keywords: Google is the best today true. But they are
not the only ones in the market. If you are functioning on a
shoestring budget, you can definitely try out some other search
engines. Some of the choices you can have are Brainfox,
findwhat, etc. Try them out.

4. Track your ads: It is extremely wise to keep a check on how
your money flows by tracking your advertising. In order to
repair damages in time, you will need to know where and when you
are hitting the wrong buttons. This information will be
available for you only when you keep track of your ads with
continuous tracking. For this purpose you may use the services
of professional tracking agencies. This may be a bit costly but
it is worth the effort. Another way to keep track is to set up a
separate landing-page for each of your sources. In this way your
own website can give you the requisite statistics and you can
see clearly which search engine gives you the best results. This
method can be very good if set up correctly. You will have to
ensure that the feeder articles (pages) which propagate free
traffic combine well with the PPC traffic so you can get a low
per-visitor cost in the long run.

5. SEO: You must have feeder pages set up so you come up high on
the organic searches. When the organic searches rank you high
you are likely to attract heavy free traffic. What is he best
part here is that as you move up on rank in the organic search,
the ppc also will move up and hence earn you better profit.

Earning profit with adsense is a piece of cake once you have all
things set in place. It is very important though, to achieve the
right balance between the use of keywords and the ppc. In order
to be on the safe side, a periodic if not regular tracking
should be done and according to the findings, the required fine
tunings should be done. Unless this is done, you will not be
able to stop the losses when they occur, nor will be able to
raise your profits when the market is ripe for it.

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