Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to Start Making a REAL Living with your Blog

Author: Gregg Hall
There are many bloggers who make incomes of several thousand
dollars per month from their blogs. These are not casual
bloggers who only want to see their words and their name online
or who just want to put forth a point-of-view, these are serious
bloggers who have made blogging into a full-time (or nearly
full-time) job.

Here are some of the ways they make money from their blogs and
ways you can also blog for bucks:

Advertising! There are many advertisers waiting for you to
approach them, these are programs such as Google's Adsense where
you allow companies to place their ads . . . ads related to your
topic . . . on your blog. Each time one of your readers clicks
on an ad on your blog, you earn a small amount of money (a
predetermined amount). A slightly different approach is used by
companies such as CrispADS. With this type of service, you tell
them how much you want to charge for advertising space on your
blog and they will attempt to find an advertiser who will pay
that price (plus a commission for the go-between company). These
are just two of a large group that is expanding daily.

Blog Feeds! RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and ATOM Feeds are
two of the dominant blog feeds. The object of a blog feed is to
distribute every new post you add to your blog to a list of
subscribers; you make your blog posts available to RSS or ATOM,
people who want to read your stuff on a regular basis can
subscribe to your posts and read them on a newsreader. The
latest trend is to include advertising to these blog feeds and,
as before, if your subscriber clicks on an ad that is included
with your feed, you get some money. There are no BIG bucks here
yet but its a rapidly growing field.

Affiliate Programs! Online companies have been offering
affiliate programs to bloggers for years, some of the big ones
are Amazon, Linkshare and Clickbank. They work by providing you
a unique URL that you add to your blog. Any readers that click
through to the company and buy something are providing you with
a commission. Another version of the affiliate program is the
"mini-mall" concept offered by companies such as Chitika
eMiniMalls. The mini-mall works (like the affiliate program),
through a link on your blog that takes your reader to a page
with a variety of merchandise -- all sales earn you a commission.

Sponsors! Large corporations are very aware of the blogosphere
and of the growing number of people who read blogs and, in
response, they are using blogs to advance their business
interests -- blogs may never replace the Michael Jordan-type
superstars for corporations but blogs are already gaining many
fairly lucrative corporate sponsorships. If you have a blog that
is dedicated to a particular topic, e.g., digital cameras, that
is published on a regular basis, that has a good readership and
is recognized as an authoritative source for digital camera
information, your blog may draw the interest of a corporate
sponsor and you may be approached to run their advertisements
for new products on a long-term basis. If and when you reach
that point you know you've made it to the big time, professional
blogger's league.

Your Product! The methods mentioned above are just a few of the
very many ways you can start making money from your blog . . .
but there is a catch!

As you probably noticed every scheme mentioned and every other
money-making blogging scheme you'll find requires a great blog .
. . a blog that draws hundreds of readers (as a minimum) on a
regular basis. To reach this stage of readership you need a blog
that offers the reader some type of unique, quality content.

If blogging is to be a money making business for you, you'll
need to treat it like a business by dedicating your time, energy
and creativity to its success. Also, like any successful
business, you need a product or service that is a 'customer
magnet.' Your "product" is your content: it could be news or
information or entertainment but whatever it is, it must be
unique and interesting.

About the author:
Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online
and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. See more
articles on blogging and internet
at http://www.theinternetmarketingsecrets.com
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How To Start Making Money With Google Adsense

Author: David Nelson
How you can start earning money with Adsense can be done easily
and quickly. You will be amazed at the results you will be
getting in such a short period of time.

Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful tool in a
website publisher's arsenal. It enables a person to monetize
their sites easily. If used properly, it can generate a very
large and healthy income for them. However if you are not using
them rightly and just maximizing the income you squeeze from it,
you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table. Something
all people hate doing.

Start by writing some quality content articles which are also
keyword incorporated. There are a lot of people given the gift
of being good with words. Writing comes easy for them. Why not
make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extra
cash in the process.

There are actually three steps to put into mind before you begin
writing your ads and having an effective Adsense.

Keyword search. Find some popular subjects, keywords or phrase.
Select the ones which you think has more people clicking
through. This is actually a keyword selector and suggestion tool
that some sites are offering to those who are just their Adsense

Writing articles. Start writing original content with keywords
from the topics that you have achieved in your search. Take note
that search engines are taking pride in the quality of their
articles and what you will be writing should keep up with their

Quality content site. Build a quality content site incorporated
with Adsense ads that is targeting the subject and keywords of
your articles and websites. This is where all that you've done
initially will go to and this is also where they will prove
their worth to you.

The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care. Try
to position your ads where surfers are most likely to click on
them. According to research, the one place that surfers look
first when they visit a certain site is the top left. The reason
behind this is not known. Maybe it is because some of the most
useful search engine results are at the top of all other
rankings. So visitors tend to look in that same place when
browsing through other sites.

Some of those who are just starting at this business may think
they are doing pretty well already and thinking that their
clickthrough rates and CPM figures are quite healthy. However,
there are more techniques and styles to generate more clicks to
double your earnings. By knowing these techniques and working
them to your advantage, you will realize that you will be
getting three times more than other people who have been
previously doing what they are doing.

Finally, Adsense has some excellent tracking statistics that
allows webmasters and publishers to track their results across a
number of site on a site by site, page by page, or any other
basis you wanted. You should be aware oft his capability and
make the most of it because it is one powerful tool that will
help you find out which ads are performing best. This way, you
can fine tune your Adsense ads and focus more on the ones being
visited the most rather than those who are being ignored. Adsense Guide

Another thing you should know. Banners and skyscrapers are dead.
Ask the experts. So better forget about banners and skyscrapers.
Surfers universally ignore these kinds of ad formats. The reason
behind this is that they are recognized as an advert and advert
are rarely of any interest that's why people ignore them.

To really start making money with Adsense, you should have a
definite focus on what you wanted to achieve and how you will go
about achieving them. As with any other kind of business
ventures, time is needed coupled with patience.

Do not just ignore your site and your Adsense once you have
finished accomplishing them. Spare some time, even an hour,
making adjustments to the Adsense ads on your sites to quickly
trigger your Adsense income.

Give it a try and you would not regret having gotten into
Adsense in the first place.

About the author:
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Art of Google Adsense!
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Stop Chasing The Money And Double Your Income!

Author: Steve Bishop
Are you chasing the money? Are you buying every expensive
Internet marketing course, software application and $47 e-book
you can get your hands on? If you answered yes to that question,
it means you are not thinking straight, don't really know what
you are doing or have lost the way in what you are doing.

If you spent your days checking your Inbox every 2 seconds, you
are swimming in other people's thoughts about what you should be
doing. You know the old saying, if you don't know what you are
doing, someone else will find something for you to do. All those
emails are finding things for you to do.

I will remind you that you have been given the brainpower to
think and to analyse your own thoughts and their consequences.
Thought is not an unknown concept to you. Thought is the force
that drives your world. Your thoughts have shape, quality and
have an influence on your daily decisions on how you spend your
time. Thought can originate, develop and create things, YOUR
things. These thoughts affect your present or future living.

You can project thought, visualize and create things to satisfy
all of things you crave. The only way to do this scientifically
and effectively it is essential to organize your thoughts into a
plan. This article is an example of a plan.

Until you actually sit down, decide what you are going to do,
regardless of what the latest fad is, write it down and commit
you will only ever see half of what could really be.

Listed below are the 5 basic disciplines you can use to really
stay on track for what you want.

1. Get up in the morning.

Do this without question, regardless of the fact that the online
experts are telling you they are getting up at midday and are
only spending 2 hours a day on the Internet in their underpants.
If you had the life you desire today, you would get up to enjoy
it. They do, they just have to make out to you that life is easy
in the fast lane, so you can buy what they are selling.

2. Have a plan when you get up. Plan your work and work your

Your plan is the method of action you are going to take to get
what you want, it's a procedure or an arrangement of your ideas.
It is a program to be done. It is a design or a blueprint to
give effect to your ideas or thoughts.

3. Write it down.

You have heard many times that when you write something down you
are reinforcing your subconscious mind. There is also another
reason. When you wake up in the morning and read your plan, you
are reminded of what you have to do instead of trying to figure
out what you are trying to achieve - AGAIN!

4. Finish what you start.

Do one thing on this plan of yours at a time, without exception.
This will help you to finish. All the entrepreneurs you read
about do several things at a time: you are not at that level

The people you admire who always seam to have a new product out
every week have teams of people working for them behind the
scenes; most of their work is outsourced, you don't have such
luxuries yet. You will do one thing and do it well. One job
finished will give you more returns on your time than 6 or 7
'sort of' finished products.

You will have to stay focused on the plan or task at hand until
it is finished. This requires discipline. In very plain words,
this means do a bit of what's on your plan everyday, even if you
don't feel like it. Sometimes we hit brick walls and we can't go
on anymore. This is the hard part. This is where you are tempted
to start another project. Don't. Go back and read your plan and
carry on where you just left of. There is no other way to finish.

5. Market your idea.

If you have reached this far into your plan, you are way in
front of the pack. Write one article, put up a Google ad, post
to a forum or put an ad in an ezine. Do at least one thing with
your idea in the market place. This is where it really starts.
Get a result and then go back to the beginning of your plan and
start all over again.

Remember that you are not Donald Trump, Madonna, John Reese or
any other person. Mr Trump has spent more money in a single
transaction than you will ever see in your lifetime. You cannot
compete with that. Deal with it! Stop worrying and wasting time
over things that are completely outside of your control and work
at your own success with your own plan.

Your success will start with your single idea added to your
written plan. You are where you are because of your thoughts and
what you did with them. Stop babying yourself for what you
didn't do or can't do. This doesn't mean that you are not going
to be a success. The future will only complete the plans you
have made in the present. So get to it.

About the author:
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