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3 Ways to Gain Traffic to your Website

Author: Sorna Devadas
You may all know about these methods in some way but let's take
a look at the 3 most reliable and efficient ways to boost
traffic to your website
in good time.

Being a web developer, I know how to build an attractive and
functional website that is worth more than the price charged to
the customer. If in my head it wasn't adding value, I wouldn't
bother trying to sell it. I soon realised that building the
website was only half of the challenge for my customers, and
gaining traffic was the next. The three main ways that we'll
talk about are paying for traffic, sending an email to your
mailing list (that itself takes time to build) and lastly to
joint venture with another website owner. This means they send
you traffic, and you split profits with them 50:50. You can use
software to track the number of hits produced from their

1. By buying traffic, you can target the people already looking
for your product. The biggest player here is Google. I'm sure
you know them well  For those new to this industry,
whenever you run a google search, the listings that show up on
the right hand side can be bought by anyone. You pay 5 cents and
upwards for each click. You can have traffic showing up to your
website 5 minutes after setting up a Google Adwords account.
Other search engines also offer this 'pay-per-click' (PPC)
service. The next step after paying for traffic is to monitor
results. You can track the number of hits from various sources
to focus on those that are producing sales. Let's say you had 4
different advertising sources producing a total in sales of $200
and you spent a total of $80. That's a profit margin of 250%. If
you were able to see that the $20 you spent with PPC advertiser
A produced 0 dollars in sales and the same for advertiser B.
Advertiser C brought in $20 in sales but advertiser D brought in
a whopping $180 in sales. That's 900% profit and you could then
focus your advertising dollars on that source to maximise
profit. Every type of advertising must have a tracking system
with strong accuracy.

2. Emailing a list is the next method that becomes your greatest
asset with time. There are no overheads and you can create a
huge rush of sales everytime you send an email. In a previous
article I mentioned that a signup should be between 10 and 33%.
That is the percentage of visitors you can expect to sign up to
a mailing list. By having autoresponders, you can attract these
visitors back to your website again. There's a good chance
they'll buy the second time around. If they leave, you can send
them another email to ask them to return and make them keep
returning until they eventually buy.

Knowing how often to send emails to your list is also important.
The key here is to add value and send regular free content.
Imbetween asking them to buy something, send something free that
is of value. Generally, once a month is an appropriate time
period between emails, or more often depending on your market.
Some people send emails three times a day and it works for them
but here's what works for my mentor so that's the best of my

3. Joint Venture.

The strategy is simple, other websites send out emails and place
strategic links on their website to attract visitors to your
website. YUou only pay them for the sales produced from any
clicks. Generally 50% of the profits is the best since it's an
equal share.

The key here is to make it as easy as possible for you JV
partner. Create emails for them, banner ads and any other
promotional material that will help them.

JV deals allow you to create a lot of traffic to your site in a
short period of time and for you to build your mailing lists
very quickly. You can receive JV support from all of the
established companies in the field you wish to enter if you
approach them correctly.

To find out more about how to do Joint Ventures and for more
powerful concepts, visit
Here I found a wealth of useful and free information with over
12 hours of video and a 120 page e-book. There's also a
comprehensive free course, that explains all about building your
own profitable websites.

About the author:
Born in Lithgow, Australia, I completed a Bachelor of Computer
Engineering Degree from the University of Western Sydney in
2001. I established Futurcom International, a website design and
development business that has built over 15 websites from simple
to complex in nature. I'm now focussing on building my own
online enterprises and am starting with affiliate marketing
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Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Author: Onlyworkonline
Make Money Online With Google AdSense
Do you believe and look for that there is a way to earn a living
online, but just haven't been lucky enough to find it yet? Well
before you completely give up hope I would like to share a
little bit of personal experience with the Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a special affiliate program based on pay per
click campaign. As you know, most of affiliate programs are
based on performance. Performance means there is necessary to be
an action no matter it is sale or lead. Before Google AdWords
becomes so hot, affiliate programs are the main steam to make
money online.

Since Google AdSense is available online, thousands of
webmasters and internet entrepreneurs have been using AdSense to
earn an income online. Signing up for the program is very
simple, and once you are approved, placing the ads on your site
is a simple as pasting a few lines of code. Through its AdSense
program, Google lets you earn without the need for you to sell
anything at all to anyone anywhere.

You are free to sell anything and free to work anywhere anytime.
But to make money online with Google AdSense, you have to build
your perfect website. Your AdSense revenue based on clicks your
website received. And you must have to know, not every click has
the same reward. There are top paying keywords for AdSense and
you should figure out those top paying keywords to your website.
Google AdSense matches the content of your website.

Google Adsense is specific: the Advertising that it puts up on
every page will depend on the content of that page. This is
important both to the purchaser of the advertising and the
seller. If a visitor goes to your website looking for making
money online, then reads an article named "Make Money Online
With Google AdSense"
, and find some ads displayed on your
websites about "Google AdSense Secrets" or "AdSense
", the reader just want to know more information.
The reader then clicks, you can guess, the link and you as the
publisher make money from the AdSense program and the advertiser
also gets more targeted website traffic and potential sales.

And how to increase your clicks, based on improve your click
through rate (click divided impression) and absolute
impressions. One of the best things you can do is add additional
pages to your site. A web site with thousands of pages and tons
of content often does very well in the search engines. You can
get free content from article directories, like GoArticles.

Succeeding with AdSense is largely determined by the amount of
traffic to your site. However, there are many AdSense tricks
that you can employ to get the most possible out of your site.
Often times, this means doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling
your earnings. The key is to find out what works for your web
site. Testing and tracking is the key to increased revenue!

About the author:
Onlyworkonline is the owner of website .
The website is full of home business opportunities. You can
contact him at email:
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Affiliate Marketing Website - How To Direct Target Traffic

Author: David Cooper
Affiliate Marketing Website - How To Direct Target Traffic

The World Wide Web is an incredibly large market place, and a
very tough one for any business to survive in unless you find
ways to direct target traffic to your website. We're going to
show how to target your main audience and bring them into your
website with a few cyber techniques that should translate into
increased sales for your business.

First, let's define the term 'target traffic'. Much like
shooting an arrow into the center of a target, your target
traffic is the core of your customer base, the people who are
truly looking to purchase your product if only they can find
your website. While many visitors may stumble upon your website
and pass through it, not all of them are interested in
purchasing your product. Weed them out, and what you are left
with is your target audience, otherwise known as your target
traffic. These are your true sales prospects, so you've got to
find a way to let them know you're here.

Now let's talk about search engines. Search engines such as
Google and Yahoo afford internet users a way to find what they
are looking for. All a potential customer has to do is type in a
few key words about the topic or item they are looking for and a
search engine will provide them with pages of websites that
contain at least some of that search content. Once they open up
a particular site, they become part of that site's target

Upon these search pages, websites will be listed from top to
bottom according to how closely they match the key words typed
in, and how much related content is found at their site. Since
online users typically only check out the first five websites
listed, you want your website up in that top five. That's
basically search engine 101. Now let's examine the two main
types of search engines and how they operate in order to put
your company in the top five listings and increase target
traffic flow into your website.

Organic Search Engines

Organic search engines operate mainly on the keyword system. The
key words a potential customer types into the search bar
determines what sites will be brought up for their perusal.
Simple right? This type of promotion for your website is
basically free, so how can you use it to your advantage and
direct more target traffic to your website? Enter keyword

Keyword articles are written about various subjects that pertain
to a common topic, with a selected target keyword or keyword
phrase strategically repeated throughout a certain percentage of
the article. For example, if your business sells ATV's, then
articles about ATV's, ATV clubs, ATV trails, and ATV accessories
would provide relevant information while at the same time using
the keyword 'ATV' repeatedly. Post these articles on your ATV
website, and search engines will automatically bring more ATV
target traffic to your door.

You can further expand your target traffic by posting your
keyword articles to E-zines that focus on your field of
interest, in this example the ATV sport. Readers of these online
magazines are already interested in ATV's, so getting them to
your website should be a breeze once they know it's there.

Further keyword article exposure can be gained by linking
agreements with other websites in your field of interest. For
example, you might want to agree to a little sponsorship of an
ATV club's website in order to have a direct link to your own
articles and sales pages. This is just one more way to reach
potential customers and drive target traffic back to your

It really doesn't matter what you're selling, just design your
articles around your product, post them on your website, and
submit them to E-zines that share your target traffic in order
to increase your sales.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engines

Think of this type of search engine as paid advertising. You and
other online companies in the same line of business will bid
against each other for temporary ownership of the best keywords
and keyword phrases. The highest bidder will then have target
traffic sent directly to their website when the keywords are
used in that search engine, but you will pay your bid price to
the search engine company each time the keyword is used. This
will certainly increase your target traffic, and hopefully boost
your sales as well, but it also eats into your profit margin.

Which type of search engine participation is best for bringing
target traffic to your website? The quick answer is either one,
but it really depends on how large your operation is, how much
work you really want to put into increasing your target traffic,
and how much you feel you can afford to pay for it. For large
online businesses, PPC search engines are quite convenient, and
a large budget may more easily absorb pay per click fees.

However, organic search engines are basically free. All you need
do is come up with your keyword articles and you're sure to
increase your target traffic. And if you aren't sure you can
write your own keyword articles, there are companies with the
expertise to provide well written, inexpensive keyword articles
in the proper percentages to get you ranked high in the listings
without getting you thrown out for keyword over-saturation.

Either way, knowing how to use and manipulate both types of
search engines is a sure way to bring target traffic to your
door. The rest is up to you.

About the author:
David Cooper is the editor of the Affiliate Marketing Articles
Newsletter. David specializes in helping people achieve
affiliate marketing website success by offering real world tips
and strategies. Subscribe to his FREE newsletter at:
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The AdSense Formula for Making Money

Author: Eric Giguere
I often get asked what the secret is to making money with
Google's AdSense program. This often comes from people who are
dreaming of setting up websites chock full of high-paying
keywords for particular niche subjects and then sitting back and
watching the money roll in. "What's the magic formula?" they ask
me. If they're non-technical, I point them straight to my book,
Make Easy Money with Google, and assure them that they'll learn
everything they need from it. They may think it's hard, but it's

But what about the technical people? By this I mean the people
who've already set up a blog or website, who have registered
domain names, who are comfortable with basic Internet
terminology and concepts. What is the "AdSense formula"?

The only AdSense formula that you need to know is this:

earnings = number of clicks * average price per click

This is what I call the Fundamental AdSense Formula because you
can derive almost every AdSense "secret" directly or indirectly
from this formula. Do you want to earn more with AdSense? You
have two ways of doing it:

1. Increase the number of clicks, and/or

2. Increase the average price per click

Your earnings will only go up if you do one or the other, and
ideally both. It's an obvious formula, yes, but it's amazing how
many people lose sight of it in their quest for increased
AdSense earnings.

Increasing the Number of AdSense Clicks

Increasing the number of times the ads on your site or blog are
clicked is the most obvious strategy. There are two general
strategies you can follow:

1. Increase the traffic to the site, and/or

2. Adjust the ads to make them more "clickable"

Getting traffic is hard and takes time, so don't look at it as a
quick fix. The best way to get traffic is to provide useful,
unique content and to rank highly in search engine rankings for
keywords related to that content. In other words, use standard
search engine optimization techniques. DO NOT "buy" traffic or
use "link farms" or other dubious techniques. Other tips for
getting traffic:

1. Publish articles, even free ones, with links back to your

2. Include a link to your site in the signature at the bottom of
your emails or in any forum postings you make (if the forum
allows it).

3. Participate in forums/groups related to the content of your
site or blog. The key is to participate, not lurk, and don't
just post messages promoting your site.

4. Add comments (relevant ones only, please) to other blogs, you
can usually link back to yours. (This won't help your search
engine rankings, but it may allow others who are reading those
comments to find your own site.)

5. Syndicate your content (trivial if you have a blog) and make
sure that the content is registered with syndication aggregators.

6. List your site in relevant directories.

Adjusting the ads is something you can do almost immediately:

1. Position the ads on the page in order to make them more
noticeable. Google even publishes a helpful heat map (see )
for AdSense publishers.

2. Choose the best AdSense ad format that works for your site.

3. Change the ad colors either to make the ads blend in with
your site or to make them stand out. Again, it varies depending
on the site.

is very strict about this, see the AdSense program policies
(found at ) for the

Increasing the Average AdSense Price Per Click

Increasing the average price per click you receive from AdSense
is the other strategy for increasing your overall AdSense
earnings. You can do this by:

1. Carefully targeting your content, and/or

2. Filtering out and avoiding low-paying ads

Content targeting isn't just about creating relevant, unique
content. It's also making sure that that content is written to
target the higher-paying keywords associated with a given topic.
This means:

1. Figuring out which keyword variations for that topic pay
more. Often the more specialized variations and phrases pay more
than the "generic" terms.

2. Ensuring that the keyword density of the content favors the
higher-paying keyword variations. See for an
example of well-targeted ads due to appropriate keyword density.

And to reduce the occurrence of lower-paying ads, consider these
two strategies:

1. Use AdSense's competitive filter mechanism to screen out the
ads that you don't want.

2. Show fewer ads on a page. The fewer ads you show, the more
the higher-paying ads get displayed and clicked.

Many publishers also report that their earnings increase if they
remove ads completely from pages with few or no clicks. Again,
the "less is more" strategy favors the higher-paying ads.

There's No Magic

As you can see, there's no magic involved to increasing your
AdSense earnings. The Fundamental AdSense Formula is easy to
understand, but that doesn't mean it's easy to apply the
formula. It takes time and effort to do it, just like most

About the author:
Copyright 2005 by Eric Giguere. Permission is granted to
reproduce the article in electronic newsletters or on websites
provided that the complete article text is included, unchanged,
and that neither the copyright declaration nor this license are
removed. This article was originally published at

Article Source: Eric
Giguere - EzineArticles Expert Author Eric
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